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Curt views the world in a unique context; finding the uncommon in the common; observing surrounding patterns, shapes, shadows, textures and details while creatively integrating light into an image. Be inspired by our stunning photography....


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Allow yourself to be enraptured by the sublime beauty of incredible landscapes and fascinating destinations. Transform your living or working space into a contemporary gallery, displaying exquisite photography. Everyday will become an inspirational journey!



My journey as a photographer began at the age of 12, when my father gave me an old Kodak rangefinder camera. From that moment forward, I immersed myself into the world of photography and my journey as an artist began. I have developed a critical eye in making photographs and I compose my images with intentionality.
Photography has taught me to appreciate the awesome beauty of nature and the magical places that fill the globe. Photography has inspired me to embrace the diversity of people, places and cultures that are part of our lives. In my work as an artist, I am challenged with the responsibility to transform these qualities and attributes into powerful images with bold colors and crisp details. The photographs that I make are created with the intention of evoking an emotion, a feeling or a sense of appreciation. I am both grateful and humbled by the many collectors and followers that communicate a genuine connection with my artistry ~Curt

From Our Collectors

Curt's “Innocence of Youth” photo stood out to my husband and I and we knew we wanted to display it in our home. We recently had a baby girl and believe this photo was speaking to us in a way we didn’t even know! Curt was responsive, genuine and his love for photography really showcased when speaking to him.

Ashley M.

Boston, MA

I instantly fell in love with "Sole Sunflower" when I discovered your hidden talent. It reminds me that there is always a reason to smile even when facing the darkest of times.

Chelsea R.

Mimi, FL

All of your photographs are stunning. They take you to a happy place in your mind which we all need these days. I am particularly moved by the "Equinox Sunrise"--the calm of the water, the symmetry of the trees and the sunrise---the prayer for a bright new day. 

Karen F.

Toms River, NJ

I love your pictures. They take me to places that I will never be able to go to.

Phyyllis B.

New York, NY

As a longtime fan of his photography, we were excited to work with Curt to select a photo for our living room. His photos are truly stunning and he was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Curt helped us select a photo that suits the room perfectly. We can’t wait to work with him again.

Hillary S.

Chicago, ILL

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